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Meet the team

"We are a group of individuals that pull one rope from one side towards one aim for many years. Our passion for this project makes the special education teachers world a better place for educating people born with DNA that needs to be pushed hundreds of times a day to achieve a tiny victorious step."

Dušan Baranec, founder.

Dusan Baranec, Visual Reading founder

Ing. Dušan Baranec

Project manager

Visual Reading® founder and manager. Psychology and ABA enthusiast.

Father of SEN child. He loves Vietnamese cuisine.

Alena Hrtanova, special education cosultant

Mgr. Alena Hrtanová

Spec. Ed. Cosultant

Special education teacher that likes digital devices. 8 years she educates disabled kids in special ed. school. She loves books and nature.

Szabolcs Szamel, programming

Mgr. Szabolcs Számel


Precise Android programmer with a sense for details. In free time - Nissan 240SX car restorer. His own house builder.

Pavol Pekarovic, programming

Ing. Pavol Pekarovič


Experienced web programmer with deep sense for reliability. Besides computers, he loves nature, metal music, football, and beer :)

Michaela Rumankova, special education consultatn

PaedDr. Michaela Rumanková

Spec. Ed. Consultant

Tireless special education teacher - 20 works with ASD kids in special ed. kindergarten. She loves cats, nature and vegan style of life.

Peter Visnovsky, video creator

Mgr. Peter Višňovský


The professional producer sensitively treats the camera, lights and scenario. He has a passion for guitar, metal music and his cat.

Alzbeta Kovacova, illustrator

Mgr. Art. Alžbeta Kováčová


Highly communicative, naturally gifted and locally recognized illustrator. She loves spring and nature wanders with her son.

Our speakers

Here you can find the list of native speakers that helped us to create a specific language version.


If you want to become a speaker for another new language not listed in the current version, please write at

Eliska Vavrova - czech voice

Mgr. Art. Eliška Vávrová

Czech voice

She is the marketing manager of a multinational corporation. In private, the singer of her dad's band.

Scott Elborn - English voice

Scott Elborn

British English vioce

An English teacher with over twenty years of experience in the field. He enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his children.

Daniela Sojkova - Austrian voice

Mag. iur Daniela Sojková
Austrian German voice

A professional lawyer with a passion for teaching languages. Multilanguage personality with a proper Austrian accent.

Lucas Gurgel - Brazilian voice

Lucas Gurgel
Brazilian Portugese voice

Musician and intrapreneur. Innovation and creativity enthusiast. He loves philosophy, surfing, and metal music.

Monica Sanchez - Spanish vice

Mgr. Mónica Sanchez, PhD.
Spanish voice

Experienced professional teacher at Comenius University in Bratislava. She works at the Department of Romance Languages.

Michael Harbottle - Scottich voice

Mike Harbottle
Scottish English voice

Professional English teacher, the real Scotsman. He loves football, tennis, and his guitar. Favorite coffee - cappuccino.

Lynda Steine - American voice

Linda M. Steyne
American English voice

An English teacher who loves seeing her students grow and succeed.

Our experts

The following individuals cooperated on Visual Reading® – a special education project through the years.

  • Mgr. Alena Hrtanová (special education teacher, 2018 until today)

  • PaedDr. Lucia Mikurčíková, Ph.D., BCBA (behavior analyst, university teacher, 2019)

  • Mgr. Zuzana Maštenová, BCBA (behavior analyst, private center owner, 2019)

  • Mgr. Ivana Trellová, BCBA (behavior analyst, university teacher, 2019)

  • Mgr. Adriana Pašáková (special education teacher, 2016 until today)

  • PaedDr. Michaela Rumanková (special education teacher, 2013 until today)

  • MVDr. Michaela Vlasáková, PhD. (parent, 2019/2020)

  • Mgr. Petra Vraňáková (special education teacher, 2011/2015)

  • Mgr. Katarína Mravíková (special education teacher, 2011/2015)

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