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Autism - be quick to catch the plane

The faster you learn the foundation of autism spectrum disorder, the quicker you can accommodate your behavior and environment, the quicker you can achieve your child's understanding, and the faster you can prevent problem behavior. The faster you can stabilize your family life and relationships, the faster you can educate your child, and the quicker you can become happy again.


Be quick, don't miss the plane. Flights are limited.


Dušan Baranec

Autism-related consultant. Founder of the Visual Reading® - special education platform, award-winning project. Author of the Interactive spelling book and ShoeLace Mate co-author. Father of a special needs child. Active in the special education field since 2012.

I offer answers and where to go directions

Does my child have autism?

What is autism, and what does it mean to the future?

What are the risks of doing nothing?

Why can problem behavior devastate your family?

Why people around you may not believe you?

What to do right now?

Why this diagnosis is so hard to understand?

What can you expect from a special education teacher?

And many more...


Be quick, do not waste the time its a long way to go

Life could be really challenging. But you have a chance as I had. Take this opportunity to be strong not the whole day but in selected important moments. And prepare yourself for a 10-years bumpy ride. There are not many people that can handle this. But you can be one of them.

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