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Interactive spelling book

For special education teachers and inclusive teams.

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New-gen tool

A new generation educational tool that combines traditional practices with digital technologies.

For school & home

Designed for special primary schools, special kindergartens, counseling centers, secondary for home education.

SEN children

Designed for educating students with special needs. Supports multiple diagnoses.



1. What is an Interactive spelling book?

Its physical extension of the Visual Reading® Platform. It consists of interactive "talking" cards.

See more in this video.

2. What are MODES of the spelling book?

The spelling book offers three modes - view and read mode, view and spell mode and create a lesson mode.

See more in this video.

3. What are MODULES of the spelling book?

The spelling book is divided into 17 modules. The modules were created to follow specific educational goals.

Here is a list of all modules. And here are videos that describe all modules.

4. What are electronic parts of the spelling book

The spelling book consists of several electronic devices. It's the tablet, card reader, and OTG reduction.

You can find the details in this video.

5. What are educational goals?

There are eleven educational goals that the Interactive spelling book helps to achieve.

You can find the list of goals in a list below.

6. What are supported devices?

You can use the spelling book on Android devices running Android 7.0 or higher versions.

The display size should be 10 inches.

Videos, webinars, workshops...

Spelling book modules

A list of all recent and future modules. Modules are now available only in Slovak and Czech languages.

UK English alphabet version is coming during 2022.

Educational goals

These are goals of the Visual Reading® Platform and Interactive spelling book.


Lessons types

A list of all possible lesson types that you can run or create in a digital environment.

The platform settings

A comprehensive guide through all settings that you can find in Visual Reading®​ Platform.