What is reinforcement, and how to recognize it?

Reinforcement is anything that makes you feel better. Some people simplify its definition to the sentence "good stuff happens".

Examples of social reinforcement:

- a beautiful woman or handsome man smiled at you at the restaurant,

- your chief verbally praised you for a well-done job,

- your dad/mum said "you are my sweetie girl/boy" and kissed you,

Examples of edible-based reinforcement:

- you discover the piece of the chocolate in your pocket,

- you see your favourite food - mashed potatoes on the plate,

- after the long run of some 10km, you finally end up and start to drink water,

Examples of environment-based reinforcement:

- it's a very hot day, and you finally found air-condition's remote controller to cold the air,

- you are expecting an order from Amazon today, and you hear the doorbell (it means your order is here)

- its 30mins to the train departure and you find the car key to get to the train station suddenly you found it lying on the floor so you can start the car

How reinforcement helps us in learning? Read more in this article.

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