What computer to use to run Visual Reading®?

Some of you may want to use a computer instead of a tablet. Computers have a usually bigger screen and some of them serve with the interactive whiteboards which are a superior learning device.


If this is your case, please note that:

1) the computer needs 8GB of RAM

2) virtualization support needs to be ON in the BIOS settings (not OFF)

You need to install one of the following virtual android software: 

1) (this one is more reliable, works for Windows® and MAC OS)

2) (this is faster but with no MAC OS support)


After installing one of the software mentioned above, you will see the new android tablet on the computer screen. Now please use Google Play icon to install Visual Reading® - special education.

Version/date footprint: 1.8.0/May 10 2020

android tablet.jpg

What tablet to use to run Visual Reading®?

Generally, we can say that any new tablet that you buy today will do. In the case of older devices, it's better to use Android 5 or higher devices. Apple iOS is not supported.

Our experience shows that suitable tablets start at 120 EUR. Some of them are slower than others but still functional.


Here is the list of preferred manufacturers:

> Lenovo

> Samsung

> Xiaomi

> Huawei

> Alcatel

Version/date footprint: 1.8.0/May 10 2020

tablet ID.JPG

What is the tablet ID number and why its useful?

To be able to identify the tablet you use, sometimes we need its “Birth Certificate Number”. If you send it to us with your e-mail address, we investigate an issue that you may experience on your device.

For some languages, we are also able to activate additional content.

To get a tablet ID, please open the menu and choose "Copy tablet ID".

Version/date footprint: 1.8.0/May 10 2020