How to run a multipurpose lesson?


What is a multipurpose lesson
It is a lesson that can be taught in several ways. This is made possible by the fact that the tablet does not reproduce any sounds in this mode.

How the learning phase works
The child clicks on the object, the teacher tells what the child clicked on, examples:

> it's a dog

> these are giraffes

> it's mom

> it's a table

> these are two seals

> this is a blue car

How the testing phase works
The teacher asks the child one of the questions:

> show me where is ... (dog)

> show me where are ... (giraffes)

> Who is it?

> What is it?

> how many ... (seals do you see?)

> show what is ... (blue)

In what order to ask about subjects in the testing phase
In the testing phase, Roman numerals are displayed below the objects, which determine the order in which the teacher asks for these subjects.

How to start a multipurpose lesson
This lesson can be started:

> from the Lesson Map

> from the Image section for any word

> from the Alphabet section for any word

> from Custom Lessons

> from Continue where you left off ...


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