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How to run a basic type of lesson?


The basic type of lesson ​means that lesson consists of two phases:

> the learning phase

> the testing phase

How the learning phase looks like

In the learning phase, the child clicks to the object on the screen and gets an auditory stimulus. It could be the short sentence, word, syllable, sound, or other audible content like the sounds of the animals.


How the testing phase looks like

In the testing phase, the child gets auditory stimulus (simply said the sound) and it has to click to an associated object on the screen.


Why do we have the learning phase

At first, we have to introduce the child to the sound of the object. This phase can be repeated several times before proceeding to the testing phase.


Why do we have the testing phase

We need this phase to verify that the child understands and remembers the connection between an object and the sound. It is good to check the table of acquired skills to see how the child learns. (see Where to find acquired skills table)



- You can switch off the learning phase if you see that the child knows the majority of the lesson (see How to switch off the learning phase).

- Switch off the testing phase if you want to ease the demands that you put on your child (see How to switch off the testing phase).

Version/Date footprint: 1.8.12/July 11 2020