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How to purchase additional modules?


We continuously work on additional modules that help you to achieve educational targets. Each of these targets will be supported by one or more modules. The module will be available is digital-only or form of physical interactive cards.

We work on the following modules:

> Animated verbs module

> Phonological awareness module

> Plurals or verbs module

> Open syllables module

> Fruits and vegetable module

> Groceries and foods module

> Prepositions module

> Pronouns module

> Professions module

> Alphabet module

> Thematical alphabet module

> Animals and insect module

> Small, Medium and Big spelling book module

These modules will be available in next months in various languages. We start wich Slovak language and US English. 

All available modules will be listed in the section below.

Modules available: no modules are available in English language

Version/Date footprint: 1.8.12/Nov 11 2020