How to choose a tablet and what to focus on?

0) No Apple devices

We have no resources to support Apple iPads. Only Android.

1) Start with tablet case/tablet holder


A tablet is a vulnerable device, especially in children's hands. It's slippery and easy to drop device. That's the reason you should start with tablet protection. There are "office use" tablet cases and "heavy-duty" cases.


Heavy-duty tablets are the best choice for autistic children and children that display attacks of anger.


> Primo Folio Case with Stand for 10" tablets - black

> Armox X Heavy duty case

2) Cosider price

Tablets that we usually use for testing and that we recommend to our users are priced around 140 € (US 160). 

3) If you want to use Interactive spelling book choose Lenovo or Samsung

We develop a new generation educational tool named "Interactive spelling book". This tool uses USB NFC reader to read interactive cards that this tool consists of. 

This type of NFC reader is required since a tablet typically does not have an NFC chip. Even if it has this chip, its usage is very unpractical.

If you tend to use Interactive spelling book in the future, please choose Lenovo or Samsung devices. We tested several new models of these manufacturers, and they work well.

It does not mean that other models from other manufacturers will not work.

4 ) If possible, choose Android 8 or higher and 10 ich display

Android 8 secures that your tablet is relatively new and technically capable for every feature that we have implemented.

Version/date footprint: 1.8.24/Nov 10 2020

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