How to add new verbs into Visual Reading®?

Visual Reading® contains a basic set of 20 verbs, that could be expanded with no limits. If you want to add another verb you are welcome to do it.

Here are some useful samples:

> wash hands

> dress T-shirt

> flush the toilet

> feed the dog

> touch the cheek

> touch your nose

> brush your hair

Before taking the video, please consider thinking about these details:

> video should be about 10 seconds long - but do not be stressed, you can adjust its length directly in Visual Reading®

> find appropriate "actor" - adult, neurotypical sibling or peer that is well known to the child with disabilities that you educate

> before final take, train the video several times to get familiar with the action

If you ready to go, please do the steps below. You can to it using both tablets or mobile phones.

Version/date footprint: 1.8.0/May 10 2020

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