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In the articles below, you can find information that helps everyone to succeed with Visual Reading® - special education.

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What computer to use to run Visual Reading®?

Some of you may want to use a computer instead of a tablet. Computers have a usually bigger more.

What tablet to use to run Visual Reading®?

Generally, we can say that any tablet that you buy today will do. In the case of older devices, it's more.

What is the tablet ID number and why it's useful?

To be able to identify the tablet which you will use to run the Visual Reading program, we more.

How to choose a tablet and what to focus on?

There are several things you should consider before selecting a concrete Android more.

What are the School

and Home versions?

Are you aware of the difference between the Home and School versions? It's good to know more.

How to purchase the Visual Reading® app?

There are several ways how to make a purchase using Google Play Services. It requires payment more.

How to purchase additional modules?

We offer additional media packages in some languages. Here you can find how they can more.

How to manage modules

of Visual Reading®?

In case you have purchased more languages or additional packages, it's good to know more.

How to set up the pupil's profile?

Initial pupil setup is an essential part of the educational process. It helps you to choose optimal learning more.

What is errorless learning and when to use it?

Errorless learning is a fundamental part of Visual Reading®. It's known from the late '50s and it' more.

How to start lessons with zero demands?

Some ASD children require zero demands at the start of the learning process as part of "anger attack" prevention more.

How to run a basic type of

the lesson?

In this article, you may find how to run basic lesson type with some of its options like switching off the learning more.

How to run a

multipurpose lesson

In this article, you will find a way to start a multipurpose lesson. You can use it several ways read more.

How to run "What is this" type of the lesson?

Every preset or custom made lesson will be available in "What is this" mode. We expect this mode to be...tbd.

How to run the phonological awareness lesson?

Phonological awareness plays an important role in future reading skills acquisition. To run this type of lesson you have to...tbd.

How to run the analytical-synthetical lesson?

Over each object that is listed in the Image part, you can run the analytical-synthetical lesson. Here is more.

How to run a writing lesson i.e. pencil skills training?

Visual Reading® offers pencil skills training in the form of a special type of lesson. It's available more.

How to add new nouns and other word types?

Visual Reading® contains around 900 nouns. If you want to expand this vocabulary by new word more.

How to add new verbs into Visual Reading®?

Visual Reading® contains a basic set of 20 verbs that could be expanded with no more.

How to locate

"My pictures"?

My images are photos, illustrations, etc. that you added into Visual Reading® manually. To find them fast do more.

How to stop the lesson at any moment?

Sometime you may need to interrupt the lesson immediately. You can do it only by the more.

How to create a custom lesson?

Visual Reading® contains around 170 preset lessons that can be expanded with no limits by custom more.

What is reinforcement and how you recognize it?

What is reinforcement? How do you recognize it in your environment? And how it touches to special education? read more.

How we use reinforcement to support learning?

We use reinforcement to motivate the child to work with lessons that you can create in Visual Reading® more.

How to customize reinforcement?

Visual Reading® contains a basic set of 50 reinforcement images and videos. You may add new more.

How to backup My pictures and videos?

Visual Reading is endlessly customizable. It's good to create a backup of your hard work from time to more.

How to share My pictures

or videos?

Active parents and another teacher may want to use the content that you have created. You can share them with more.

How to repair an interactive card?

If you find that an interactive card doesn't work, you can repair it. Here you can discover how to do more.

How to update the Visual Reading® app?

Some people may be uncertain about how to update our app manually. It's quite an easy task to more.

How to change learning language?

Changing learning language is very easy. It may be useful when you educate bilingual more.

How to repair the program if it doesn't work correctly?

Every tablet is changing in terms of OS updates new apps etc. That's why you may experience some more.

How to create and

use interactive cards?

Interactive cards bring new educational momentum into your hard work. They have breathtaking more.

How to create

talking cards?

Thanks to the NFC technology you can turn any card (like PECS) into talking or video triggering object...tbd.

How to create

talking objects?

Thanks to the NFC technology you can convert any object into talking or video triggering object...tbd.

How to turn on NFC mode for
talking cards and objects?

If you want to use talking cards and objects, turn on NFC more.

What do icons

in the Image part?

All images are stored using one image grid. There are several icons that do various more.

How to use specific

program settings?

We have developed tons of learning settings over the years. It's good to get familiar with more.

How to sort images by modules?

In case you have purchased additional modules. you may want to sort it using its category more.

How to share the lesson with another user or device?

Any lesson that you create you may share with other users as well as to another device that has Visual Reading more.

How to import shared lessons from the email?

In case you receive the email from your friend or colleague with a shared lesson, you have more.

How to switch off the learning phase?

You can switch the learning phase in case the pupil is already familiar with the majority of the lesson...tbd.

How to switch off the testing phase?

You can switch off the testing phase in case you want to ease demands put on the child as prevention...tbd.

Where to find an acquired

skills table?

Acquired skills table stores the learning progress for every pupil profile more.