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Visual Reading®

New-gen digital platform for language acquisition and speech development. Since 2012.

Visual Reading on Android device
Interactive spelling book for children with disabilities

Educate using talking cards

> Develop reading

> Train speech production

> Practice writing

> Expand vocabulary

> Do it in the digital environment or using physical interactive cards

Platform highlights


10 learning languages

US English, UK English, Scottish English, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian German.


Applied psychology

The platform uses expert concepts as errorless learning, behavior reinforcement, variable-ratio schedule of reinforcement, etc.


Visual Reading® Academy

Discover all platform features and learning techniques in educational webinars and how-to video guides available on YouTube.

Learn how it works...

Learn how to use the platform easily by attending Visual Reading® Academy - an online educational channel for Visual Reading users.

VisualReading YouTube channel
Visual Reading installed on Windows computer

Windows and Mac OS

Run the Visual Reading® on any Windows 10 or Mac OS computer using the top-class Android emulator Bluestacks 5.

Start teaching now

Follow these 4 simple steps to start teaching today.

1. Install the Visual Reading® Platform from Google Play.

2. Follow the initial guide to navigating the lesson map.

3. Clik on any unlocked lesson on the lesson map.

4. Follow the initial lesson guide to complete it.

See video My first lesson >

Visual Reading workshop at elementary school

Educational goals

The platform aims to several educational goals that are reflected in the platform content. An Interactive spelling book allows you to match individual educational plan.


Meet the team

Learn who we are and what people helped us get to the tip of the mountain.

Awards & Milestones


We worked hard. See what achievements we reached.


Our mission

Our mission is to develop, sustain, support, and innovate the platform.


1. What devices are supported?

Currently, we support Android devices, Windows, and Mac OS devices. Suitable devices start from US 150. The ideal screen size is 10 inches. No iPad.

2. What are the diagnoses that are supported?

We have worked very closely with several special education kindergartens and elementary schools since 2012. We have learned individual needs from students with:

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Hearing impairment

  • Poliomyelitis

  • Mental retardation

  • Dysphasia, dyslexia

  • Speech disorders

  • Asperger's

  • Down's syndrome


  • Specific learning disorders

Thanks to this experience, we mirrored specific educational designs and experts concepts into the Visual Reading® platform.

3. What goals I can reach?

If you ask as a parent, you can improve some of your child's abilities as speech production, speech understanding, vocabulary expansion, alphabet understanding, writing practice, and so on.

Please see the complete list of educational goals if you ask as a special education teacher.

4. Is this tool for schools or for home education?

The Visual Reading® Platform is primarily designed for school education. However, the platform can be operated by a parent as well.

Visual Reading® Academy shows you how to start.

5. Can I modify the platform content?

Yes. You can extend the platform content by custom images, videos, and reinforcements without any limitation.

6. What is an Interactive spelling book?

Its physical extension of the Visual Reading® Platform. It's a book created from interactive "talking" cards. These cards are arranged into the modules to follow specific educational goals. The spelling book is now available in Slovak and Czech languages. UK English version will be available during 2022.

Thanks for subscribing!

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